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Download PC Games-GTA San Andrs Ender City v3-Eng-Full PC Download Free
Download Full Games-GTA San Andrs Ender City v3-Eng-Download Full Game
Download-GTA San Andrs Ender City v3-Eng-Download Full Version PC Games

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 2.6GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Hard : 6 GB Free Space
: 3D-graphics card compatible with DirectX, 256MB
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
Input: board & Mouse

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:: GTA San Andrs Ender City V3 Package Includes::
-Car, motor, boat, train, plane, helicopter models, has been renewed.
-Added a new tractor and döverbiçer.
-Turkish Airlines plane has been added.
-Added-Pamukkale bus.
-Hmong, Kartal SLX, Turkish trucks like a hawk added.
-Police cars had all-Turkish police car.
-Turkish Ambulance Renault Master added.
-Cars-known the most important added.
-Wpons renewed.
-Carl Johnson and his family was white.
-Carl Johnson's hands are not adhered to.
-GTA IV was to convert some of the tools.
-GTA IV characters are added.
-GTA IV characters, Turkish police have also been added.
-GTA IV was a ways.
-GTA IV hud been added.
-GTA IV was added to the menu.
-GTA IV was added to the font.
-GTA IV effects.
-GTA IV gerçekcilikleri added. [Falls to the ground as in GTA IV hit someone struck jumped from a car accident when we fly, we make every accident reduction of our lives, "Y" pressure being delivered to the police, too, such as drift in GTA IV drawback wheel + tire combustion explosion Will be reduced as long as bullet casings and bullet holes in the ground-fire will occur.
-Held-traffic density.
-The phone has C3053 Bliss. (CJ Ihud phone and GTA IV.)
-The sky and the wther was more rlistic.
-What's new in-map, a lot has been added.
-Whether there are vendors selling barbecue mt-streets.
-Speed indior.
-Different places have cars.
-Game entirely in Turkish.
-Was Loions ENGLISH. (Such as Tur [Barber, restaurants, galleries, casinos ..]
-Flags was the Turkish flag.
-Added to bills of $ -200.
-KGS added. (KGS passing the money is paid.)
-Galata Tower has been added.
-Ortakoy Mosque-added.
-Advertising signs renewed.
-Detailed radar was added.
-Radar police, fire and hospital shows the loions.
-Under-bridge was added to the beggars.
-Graffiti writing has been renewed.
-CJ added protection in front of the house 2.
-"FPS", such as typing can play Counter Strike.
-"G" and let's take the gun down.
-While in-vehicle "5" , you can modify your car if you can use a lot of neon and can add.
-Game while "TAB" if you are repairing your vehicle.
-"8", "9", "0" are allowed to smoke, drink, işiyebilirsiniz.
-"F5" can dance.
-Pedestrian while the "2" , we want to when we can choose car with the arrow .
-"3" where we want by pressing the change clothes.
-After selecting a place to the map, while-foot "Y" and "X" when you know that irradiated.

How To Install?
Install GTA San Andrs First
1. Extract the files
2. Use IMG Tool to replace files
3. Play the game!

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