GTA San Andrs Ender City v2

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Download Full Games-GTA San Andrs Ender City v2-Download Full Game
Download-GTA San Andrs Ender City v2-Download Full Version PC Games

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: XP / Vista / 7
Processor: 2.6GHz
Memory: 512 MB
: 3D-graphics card compatible with DirectX, 256MB
Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
Input: board & Mouse


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:: GTA San Andrs Ender City V2 Package::
-All of the cars have changed.
-Engines all changed.
-Ships changed.
-Airplanes have changed.
-Trains has changed.
-Roads was rlistic.
-Skins was rlistic.
-Trees was rlistic.
-Shop-houses in places such as the inside was rlistic.
-Abartmad─▒m some of the effects in the game because the computer is bad qualities-for scratching, but to be rlistic edited.
-The sky and the wther was more rlistic.
-What's new in-map, a lot has been added.
-Carl (CJ) 'The Miz was white and added innovations such as new clothes, new pants.
-Game entirely in Turkish.
-Some of the rooms was-ENGLISH.
-Drift track-Akina added.
-Advertising signs have changed.
-Was radar-Radar detail.
-The phone has C3053 Bliss.
-Rlistic-game skins are wring clothes.
-Speed indior. (Pointer)
-Teleportation has been added.
-Gang members in the use of wpons do not shoot professional oldu.Karavana.
-Bankonatlar was $ 200.
-Some cars are being modified modifiyecide correctly.
-New wheels.
-Ateriler, consoles renewed.
-CJ girlfriends renewed.
-Manchester City stadium has been added.
-You can even take some of the places do not do the task girebildi─čimiz-tasks.
-Gang with your employees can enter into the house you want to.
-If the police will not come after you pay $ 200 to move to KGS drops.
-Cars are parked in different places-Game.
-Anywhere "2" , you can download the car.
-Anywhere "F4" with the game you can corporation.
-A place to the map and select "x and y" can bm to the mirror, pressing.

How To Install?
Install GTA San Andrs First
1. Extract the files
2. Use IMG Tool to replace files
3. Play the game!

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