FIFA 99 Free Download PC Game Full Version

FIFA 99 Free Download PC Game Full VersionFIFA 99is a major improvement over FIFA '98, with the inclusion of basic facial animations and different players' heights as well as certain other cosmetic ftures such as improved kits and emblems, although they are und. Users may also crte their own custom cups and ues and select the tms they wish to participate.FIFA 99 is a good choice for the neophyte, and an almost essential upgrade for the die hard soccer enthusiast. has produced some of the finest soccer games on any platform.
Last yr's two versions of the FIFA franchise came replete with more options, stunning graphics, and hours of gameplay than ever before. With terrific animations, dozens of special moves and in-game strategies, it begs the question: Is there room for improvement, aside from just keeping up with new hardware and processing speeds? Little, but there is some. twked the graphics, added commentary and celebrations, beefed up tmmate AI, and "smartened" sideline control - making FIFA 99 a better choice for the neophyte, and an almost-essential upgrade for the die-hard soccer enthusiast.These aren't the same static goalies of last yr's editions either. Instd of automatically grabbing and holding the ball every time, sometimes they kick the ball away, other times they fail to gain control and lve it in play, dangerously close to the goal. Plus, you can now have a hand in their control, and though this primarily mns deciding when to pick up or drop the ball, it's now possible to charge enemy strikers. The thrt of charging goalies makes offensive timing more of a critical issue. Last yr's double dose of FIFA titles was a little confusing for soccer fans. Relsing FIFA 99 so soon after is also confusing.Who would buy three games with nrly identical engines in just over a yr (first person shooters notwithstanding)? FIFA Road to World Cup 98 had more than one hundred more tms than the later World Cup 98, which in turn had a wider array of in-game tactics and plays, and FIFA 99 has more of ch than either of its predecessors. has made terrific, if sometimes subtle, improvements to AI and control, making it the obvious choice of the three.System Requirement System:
Pentium III, CPU 500 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Memory: 16 MB
Size: 44.98 MB
OS: 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 also 8
FIFA 99 Free Download PC Game Full Version

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